Episode 33: CSI Jerusalem

In Episode 33, Caroline, Lindsay and Gerry review Risen, an Easter movie with a CSI feel. Caroline shares some science fun facts about astronauts spending a year in space, Planet 9 and the Psyche Me Up app to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Lindsay answers a follow up question about his Episode 32 tips for discussing Catholic issues online. Lindsay also discusses his interview with a journalist from TheAge regarding Holy Family Parish.

Update: The article about Holy Family Parish which includes excerpts from the interview with Lindsay is online and can be read here

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1. Risen Trailer

2. Psyche Me Up app

3. Useful Catholic links for faith and Church news based discussions

Catholic Answers – be sure to check out their radio show podcasts

Catholic Talk



Catholic Voices 

4. Pope Francis answers questions from children in a new book

5. The Pope Francis Minute cartoon

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