Episode 34: Ishtar? Don’t you mean Easter?

Happy Easter! In Episode 34 Caroline, Gerry and Lindsay discuss their experiences of the recent Easter celebrations. Caroline give some insights into ‘space archaeology’ and the scientific difference on the brain between people of faith and not of faith. Stick around until the end to hear Fr Rob Galea’s latest dance track. All this and more in the What the Faith crew’s latest podcast.

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Ten Minute Theology on Easter

Rome Reports – Pope

Easter is not a pagan holiday – Jimmy Akin

Science Segment

Article: The Scientific Difference Between Atheist, Religious and Spiritual People

Mother Angelica

We want to pay our deepest respects to Mother Angelica of EWTN fame. May she rest in peace in the presence of God. May God’s light shine upon her in her heavenly reward.

Fr Robert Galea’s new dance track, ‘Breakthrough’

Check out more of Fr Rob’s work at http://www.frrobgalea.com/