Episode 36: Upside-down Snap

It’s been a while since we last published an episode of What the Faith but we’re back! Caroline advertised that we were recording a new episode on Snapchat but she unfortunately published it upside-down which gave us an easy name for this episode.

In this episode we discuss the Australian Catholic Bishops message about remembering voiceless people in our society at the upcoming federal election. We also discuss the science of the atmosphere of Jupiter and supermassive blackhole photography.

A report on Crux claims that ‘very religious’ Catholics are happier and we share how you can contact Pope Francis.

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Links from Episode 36:

  1. A Vote for the Voiceless ACBC
  2. Survey Suggests Highly Religious Catholics Live Happier Lives via Crux
  3. How to contact Pope Francis via Rome Reports
  4. Episode 138 of ‘The Walk‘ with Fr Roderick where he discusses his mission to give flowers to the Pope.

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