Episode 39: Ready, Set, Advent!

Welcome to Episode 39, Caroline is here, Lindsay is here, Gerry is here! This fully loaded podcast features discussion about the XT3 Advent app, tips for your kids to make the most of the Advent season, the US election and the ‘poison of polarisation’, the science behind the Star of Bethlehem and hipster Nativity sets.

Ways to listen:

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1. Find the excellent XT3 Advent app here

2. Five Ways to Get Your Kids Into the Spirit of Advent 

3. Pope Francis on the ‘virus of polarisation’ via Crux.com

3. Caroline discusses a scientific explanation of the Bethlehem Star via Space.com 

4. Watch out, there’s a ‘Hipster Nativity Set’ and it’s dividing Catholic audiences

5. Download Caroline’s first week of Advent Hope candle art right here


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