Episode 40: Christmas and Rebellions are Built on Hope!

Welcome to Episode 40, our last episode in 2016. Lindsay and Gerry team up to review Star Wars Rogue One with lots of spoilers (2.35 – 23.15 to skip spoilers). Lindsay does a 10 Minute Theology on Christmas and gives some last minute tis for preparing for Christmas. Lindsay and Gerry discuss classic Christmas movies and the crazy notion that Jesus was a garlic farmer in Japan!

We wish you all a Happy and Holy Christmas and look forward to sharing more podcasts with you early in 2017.

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1. Rogue One Trailer #2

2. 10 minute theology on Christmas – Lindsay mentioned Bishop Robert Barron’s podcast on ‘The Subversive Baby King’ 

3. Christmas movie picks:

Lindsay – It’s a Wonderful Life

Gerry – Home Alone

Caroline – Santa Claus, the Movie