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What the Faith.net is the site linked to our What the Faith podcast series. Join Lindsay, Caroline and Gerry, your hosts from Australia, as we produce this series which is dedicated to discussions of Catholicism, science, news from the pope, tv and movies and so much more! We discuss how anyone can respond to the call of Jesus as young Catholics and enjoy it at the same time. We’d love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts on our blog or on any of our social media pages.



Your podcast hosts:



Lindsay is a teacher, father and husband, the son of Maltese parents who raised him in the Catholic tradition.

He was always curious about  the big questions that were difficult to grasp such as understanding the idea of a loving God in a world full of joys and disappointments. This prompted him to learn more about the Church and its teachings through a Bachelors degree in Theology  at Catholic Theological College in Melbourne.

He’s also a  bit of a geek who loves sci-fi series such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Arrow and and Doctor Who. Lindsay is also teacher in a Catholic Secondary school focussing on English and Religious Education studies.





Caroline is a mother, a science geek and she has a yearning to learn more about the Catholic faith, its traditions and history. She believes its important that all people of faith know why they believe the things that they do.

Her educational background is in science having completed a bachelors degree majoring in microbiology and biochemistry. She has also completed a diploma of environmental management and currently works part time in environmental reporting.

She loves  art (being an amateur artist herself of all things geeky) and enjoys nature and the outdoors: as well as staying indoors and watching documentaries about everything, and is unashamedly into many a geeky tv and movie sagas such as Dr Who, Star Wars, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

A lot of people dont think that science and religion are a good fit – she says the opposite. To her they go hand in hand.




gerry-2Gerry joined the What the Faith team a few months after inception, initially in a guest role, then later on as a permanent part of the team. A husband, father and practicing Catholic, Gerry brings balance to the Force within What the Faith, including three-word summations to Lindsay’s 10 minute theologies, and penetrating analysis of Caroline’s science dissertations (Kuiper belts hold up the astronauts’ space-pants, obviously).

Born and raised in a Catholic family, Gerry is the oldest of four siblings, and vehemently denies any trace of first child syndrome. While growing up, the natural beauty of the earth, the circle of life and sentience of the human race always seemed too deliberate to have happened on its own. This, coupled with early guidance within the Catholic system, has led Gerry toward seeking greater understanding of his purpose in life

Outside of working as a Chartered Accountant, Gerry can usually be found involved in various activities with his young family, and spending time with friends. A casual sports fan, Gerry regularly plays table tennis and would like to play more golf.