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Episode 36: Upside-down Snap

It’s been a while since we last published an episode of What the Faith but we’re back! Caroline advertised that we were recording a new episode on Snapchat but she unfortunately published it upside-down which gave us an easy name for this episode. In this episode we discuss the Australian Catholic Bishops message about remembering

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Episode 34: Ishtar? Don’t you mean Easter?

Happy Easter! In Episode 34 Caroline, Gerry and Lindsay discuss their experiences of the recent Easter celebrations. Caroline give some insights into ‘space archaeology’ and the scientific difference on the brain between people of faith and not of faith. Stick around until the end to hear Fr Rob Galea’s latest dance track. All this and

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Episode 33: CSI Jerusalem

In Episode 33, Caroline, Lindsay and Gerry review Risen, an Easter movie with a CSI feel. Caroline shares some science fun facts about astronauts spending a year in space, Planet 9 and the Psyche Me Up app to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Lindsay answers a follow up question about his Episode 32 tips for discussing

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Episode 32: Merciful Like the Father

After working out which episode number this is, Lindsay and Gerry bring What the Faith back for another year. Join them as they share their thoughts on Pope Francis’ 2016 Lenten message including some practical tips to keep Lent well. Lindsay also gives his tips about discussing faith issues on social media. Listen here: Download

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Episode 31: Holiday Special!

Our final episode for 2015! We went way overtime with this one but that’s what happens when you include a spoilery review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Check out our discussions about the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, the Year of Mercy and Advent, our review of Star Wars (contains heavy spoilers) and some apps to

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Episode 30: Suddenly 30!

In this episode Caroline, Gerry and Lindsay celebrate the 30th episode of What the Faith! Come and join us for a discussion of Pope Francis and the role of the laity, Archbishop Julian Porteus and freedom of religion issues, Caroline’s take on the Vatican Observatory and things that sound like Chewbacca. Listen here: Download this

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Episode 29: Popemoji!

In this episode Lindsay and Gerry man the mics (literally) to discuss the Synod of the Family, the Word of God, the Martian, Star Wars and Lindsay’s obsession with Popemoji. Join us for this episode and share your thoughts. Listen here: Download this episode (right click and save) Get in touch with us: [email protected] facebook.com/wtfaithnet

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Episode 28: Mercy, Mars and Monks!

Caroline and Lindsay get behind the mics for Episode 28. Check out our discussion of the Pope’s latest message about the Year of Mercy starting later this year. They also discuss Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the US as well as his recent ‘virtual visit’. There’s also a few science updates including instructions on how

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